Best Editable Catering Invoice Template in Word Format

Catering Invoice Template: As a catering company owner, you must figure out the catering cost beforehand in order to save you a lot of time. A lot of work is involved in catering business such as cooking food, serving food, advertising business, etc which needs attention and time, so its always a better idea to save some time in areas where you could such as catering invoice, etc. Here you will find the catering invoice template in a ready-made format, use these templates to make a catering invoice easily without spending much time.

You need to take care of one thing that each food on the menu accurately corresponds to a price list and other menu specifications in the invoice payments. Through the help of a catering invoice template, you will be able to create the invoices easily in a professional way.

What is a Catering Invoice?

A catering invoice is a bill which is generated for the catering services provided. An invoice is a non-negotiable bill issued by a seller to a buyer. It lists the goods or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these.

As a catering service provider, it is your responsibility to raise a catering invoice and send it to the customer in order to get paid for the services provided. If you don’t have time to create an invoice from scratch, then use the catering invoice template to create an invoice in a quick and easy manner in a professional way.

How to Create a Catering Invoice?

Catering invoices are different for different catering services depending on the type of catering services and menu they provide. Creating a catering invoice isn’t rocket science. Here is how you could create your own catering invoice.

  • Caterer’s Information: Caterer’s information should be there in an invoice from the marketing point of view. It’s important to put your contact details to increase the chances of getting more business from the contacts.
  • Type of Meals: There should a complete list of meals provided along with their cost.
  • Delivery Information: The delivery information should be included in a catering invoice.
  • Use MS Word: You can use MS Word to create your own catering invoice or else use the free templates available here.

Download Catering Service Invoice Template

Catering Invoice Template, Editable Catering Invoice Template, Catering Invoice Template doc

Download Catering editable invoice template

Editable Catering Invoice in Word Template

Catering Invoice Template, Editable Catering Invoice Template, Catering Invoice Template doc

Editable Catering Invoice in Word


What’s Included in a Catering Invoice?

The following information could be included in a catering invoice.

  • Catering Company Name, Address, and Phone Number.
  • Customer details
  • Event name
  • Meal type
  • Number of guests
  • Meal Quantity
  • Price
  • Total Amount etc.

Refer to the catering invoice template shared above to see what’s the right format and layout of making a catering invoice. Two templates are shared above, choose any template from above and download it. The links are available below each invoice template.

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