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Certificate of Appreciation Template: Who doesn’t like appreciation? Everyone loves to get appreciated for some or other things be it their hard work, looks, clothes, or anything. Appreciation is that word which everyone wants to get. Getting appreciated and appreciating others is part of human life. A human being is a social animal who cannot survive without other people. There are so many people who make our lives better in some or other way and we should appreciate them in any possible way. The art of appreciation is something that every person should understand.

What is a Certificate of Appreciation Template?

A certificate or letter of appreciation is a way of appreciating the person for something. This letter or certificate is like applauding someone for their brilliant performance in any field.

By offering one a certificate or letter of appreciation means that you understand & appreciate what they have done and you value or respect the sacrifice that they have made.

There could be many instances for making a certificate of appreciation, for example, a student can thank his/ her teacher for their valuable lessons, a person can appreciate his/ her friends/ wife/ husband/ parents/ mentor etc for making their life beautiful. A certificate of appreciation is very common in a non-profit making organization.

Many non-profit organizations offer certificates of appreciation to the volunteers that help them in their activities. In schools, students can appreciation certificates for performing brilliantly in academics, sports, cultural activities etc. A certificate of appreciation is part of every stage of life.

Here is how the certificate of appreciation looks like;

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Why should one write a letter of Appreciation?

The reason for appreciation could be anything. For an instance, a boss can appreciate his/ her employee for great work performance, a student can appreciate a teacher for making their life better. A colleague can appreciate other colleagues for his/ her dedication towards work. There are endless reasons for appreciating other and that’s why here we’re providing Certificate of Appreciation Template. Download any of these templates, make changes as per your requirement, and then hand it over to the person you want to appreciate.

The small gesture of appreciation will surely put a smile on a person’s face and he/she will get motivated to do much better. Appreciating someone for their hard work & dedication can actually give them a boost of working extra hard.

How to Write a Letter of Appreciation?

It’s like a challenge when it comes to writing a letter of appreciation. Appreciation someone verbally is a different thing which comes very naturally to most of the people. Writing a letter is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s challenging to make a balance of being grateful in nature and at the same time sticking to the professional boundaries.

Writing a letter doesn’t come naturally to many people. Putting your inner feeling in the form of words is not an easy job to do if you don’t have a habit of reading or writing letter. That’s why below we’ve shared a few steps that one can follow to write a good letter of appreciation.

Be Quick: Make sure to write a letter at the right time. Do not delay to write an appreciation letter. Ideally, an appreciation letter should be written as soon as possible. Express your gratitude or gratefulness within three days after a given event. In case, if you are late then use the phrases such as “better late than never to say thank you”.

Use Appropriate Letter Format: You can write an informal appreciation letter in any way you want to write. But for formal letters, it is advised to stick to the correct letter format. You can come with your own format or use the templates here to know the correct format of writing an appreciation letter. Make sure to use formal language only while writing a formal letter of appreciation.

State the Reason of writing Letter: It’s better to begin the letter by stating the reason for writing the letter. An addressee should get your intent by reading the first line only.

Write what you feel: Express how grateful or proud you’re. Nothing works better than a heartfelt letter. You just need to express your inner feeling in the form of words.

Conclude the letter properly: While concluding the letter you should reiterate how grateful you are.

Make sure to proofread: Not only for this letter, but this is always recommended to give a proper read before sending a letter. Always proofread it once to ensure everything is written correctly, the language is good, sentences are making sense etc. A poorly written appreciation letter may not be taken that much seriously.

Final Thoughts:

Appreciating others for their hard work or brilliant performance is the sign of a secure person. A person with a sense of insecurity would find reasons not to appreciate other while a person with a secure mentality will always look for chances to appreciate people. Be a person who values, respect, understand, and appreciate the efforts made by other people.

Feel free to use these certificate of appreciation templates to make your own appreciation certificate. Keep checking Template Part for more such useful templates.

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