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Doctor Note Template: A doctor's note is written or issued by a doctor to a patient. A doctor's note or doctor excuse is a sick or medical certificate which is issued when a patient is confirmed to be sick. All the details related to a medical condition of a patient are there in a doctor's note along with medication that a patient needs to take in order to recover. If you're a doctor then you must have prepared multiple doctor's note by now, below we've shared a collection of Doctor Note templates which can be used to create a doctor note or excuse. As a doctor, you must check out the templates below and see if anyone is useful for you. All the templates are very easy to download, customize and print for use.

A Doctor's note is a recommendation from a doctor about the medical condition of a patient and how it affects his/ her ability to attend school or work. People often use doctor's note in order to take a sick leave from work, school, and other places. A doctor's note can be made for small illnesses, minor surgeries, or chronic conditions and explain why and how long you’ll be absent. A doctor's note will ensure you get the accommodation you need at school or work or any other place.

Doctors note has a huge importance in the medical industry. The entire medical industry runs on the diagnosis that a doctor makes. There is a different type of doctor notes available, each doctor note has something specific to deal with. As a doctor, you might find it hectic to create a doctor note each time patient arrives. Doctors are very busy people and they have a lot of important things to do in a day, that is why here we've shared multiple free doctor note templates with the help of which doctors can easily make a doctor note and save a lot of time. All you need to do is download any template from here, take multiple print-outs, and start using it. Isn't it simple?

What's included in a Doctor's Note?

Here are few things that must be included in a doctor note.

  • Name, Address, and Phone Number of the doctor.
  • Person name
  • The reason why a person chooses to consult the doctor
  • A certificate of medical consultation
  • Date & time of generating the document

Here is one example of how doctor note looks like;


Free Doctor Note Template

Printable Doctor Note Samples

What are Advantages of Doctor Note?

  • A doctor note is the first thing that a medical store ask for before giving any medication. You cannot get medications from a store without the doctor's note. Doctor prescribe medication to the patient on the basis of his/ her medical condition and only then medical stores give medicine.
  • A doctor's note comes very handily when one is facing any detention issues in school/ colleges due to attendance or if an individual is facing consequences due to missing work. A doctor note is also quite usual in court hearings.
  • A doctor' note is a legal document which is considered by companies, institutions, and organizations around the world. That's why doctor's note allow people to take sick leaves and acts as a legit excuse for one’s absenteeism from work.
  • Where People use Fake Doctor Note?

    Let's accept the fact that people are using fake doctor notes in numerous situation. It's not recommended to use fake doctor note, but the most common situations where a fake doctor note is used are the following;

    Paid Sick Leaves: We often find ourselves in a situation where we need to do take a day off due to any possible reason, but we couldn't take it due to the deduction of salary. Many companies allow some sick leaves within a month and you need to provide a doctor note as a validation in order to take paid sick leaves. This is where many people use fake doctor note in order to take a paid sick leaves. This option will also save you the cost of visiting a real doctor and still give you the cheaper fake doctor’s note.

    Avoid Detention at School/ Colleges: Attendance is a major issue that every student face at school/ college. Most of the schools/ colleges have an attendance criterion and they don't allow students to take part in an examination if their attendance is not up to the mark. This is where students use fake doctor note in order to cover their attendance. If you were genuinely sick then take a doctor note from your doctor and submit that in school/ college to get some allowance.

    Note: It is advised to stay away from making or using fake doctor notes. It is illegal to make a fake doctor note and if a company or institute or organization will find your fake note then you will get a punishment legally. So, avoid using fake doctor notes. Consult a doctor if you're any issues and use the genuine doctor note to get accommodation from school or work or any other place.

    The Internet is flooded with numerous doctor's note template which is free to download, use, and print. We've shared the best templates of different types of doctor's note. Find a template that you need and download it with a single click on the Download button.

    Final Words:

    A doctor note is very handy in the medical industry. The entire medical industry is running on doctor's note only. Fake doctor notes are also there for a long time now and people have been using them to get some sort of advantage in some situation. You know what your need is and here we've numerous doctor note templates, so why not download one and use it.

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