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An employee is the most important part of every business. A good employee can contribute a lot to the success of business while a bad one can actually ruin it. Business owners/ employer give job opportunity to the employees based on their qualification & work experience. Every business owner will expect an employee to work his best and help a business grow. However, there are situations where an employer finds that employee is not working or contributing as per his/ her capabilities. It’s not possible for an employee to perform same every day. There will be ups & downs which are acceptable, understandable, and avoidable as well, but a consistent carelessness or poor performance can’t be neglected as it counters productivity of the business.

What is Employee Write Up Form?

As said that a lot depends on the performance of an employee and business suffer losses when an employee is not performing as per expectations. An employee writes up form is a formal warning letter which is written by an employer to make an employee understand expectations and consequences.

An employer cannot just write an employee write up form, the first approach is always verbal communication to understand the situation or reason behind employees performance or behavior. There are several other management tools & programs which are used by the HR department of the company to tackle the situation. But, if a situation is serious and there is a continuous error on the part of an employee then an employer prefer to forward things to the employee in written form.

An employee writes up form is a formal written warning letter which is forwarded to the employee when an employee is unable to improve his/ her performance or behavior even after several verbal warnings. No business or company would lose their valuable employee, but if an employee is consistently disappointing then some serious actions are needed to be taken. Every business owner or manage gives prime importance to the business productivity and if there is anyone who is hampering the productivity then an employer has to become formal and use an employee write up form.

This is how an Employee Write Up Form Looks Like;

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Click Here to download an Employee Write Form in .pdf PDF format

The purpose of sharing these templates is to let employers or manager save their valuable time in writing these letters. All the business managers or employers are busy people and they have a lot of important things to do in a day. That’s why these templates are provided to bring some sort of ease in their work. Use these employees write up form templates for a variety of issues such as absenteeism, carelessness, bad performance, tardiness, breach of company policy, poor work quality etc. You can simply download the template from here and edit it with the necessary details and forward it to the employee.

Why & When Should Employer Use Employee Write Up?

These type of warning letters are not used often, first, the employer will give verbal warnings to the employee and try to understand what’s the reason behind employee poor performance or bad behavior. If an employee continues to show careless & irresponsible attitude even after multiple verbal warnings then an employer should use employee write up form as a mean to make them change their behavior. Most often this warning letter is used due to an employee’s lacking job performance.

You know why to use this letter, now the question what is the right time to use it. Read the information below to get an answer;

  • This warning letter can be used at all times.
  • Only present this letter to an employee when things get serious.
  • An employer or manager should always speak with an employee in person to let them know about their poor performance or bad behavior.

A good communication between an employer & employee can actually make things better. That’s why an employer should first try to resolve the issue through verbal communication only. Use employee write up letter if an employee refuses to improve his work performance or behavior.

Reasons to Write an Employee Write Up

There could be any possible reason as every individual is different from other. Every employee’s behavior is different and that’s why an employee writes up may have multiple written warnings for the problem. There are many causes to write an employee write up. Here are few reasons;

  • Attendance
  • Poor Performance
  • Careless Attitude
  • Not Productive at work
  • inaccuracy in work
  • Misconduct
  • Personal work during working hours
  • causing damage to company’s property
  • breach of company’s policies

These are the most common reason, but there are many more. There can be multiple reasons for writing a warning letter to the employee.

How to Write Up an Employee?

To save time & efforts, it is recommended to download free templates shared here. If you’ve decided to write an employee write up by yourself then here are few things that must be included in a letter to make it proper.

  • Write the Employee’s Name and Today’s Date
  • Give the Purpose of Discipline
  • Mention the Number of Warnings Employee Has Been Given Previously
  • Explain the Problem
  • Give a deadline to resolve the issues
  • Elaborate the consequences, if the issue is not resolved on or before a deadline
  • Provide a Date and Signature Section

As an employer, you should take care of few things while writing this type of warning letter,

  • Make sure to give the proper justification to prove the issue.
  • Support the intent of writing this letter with facts.
  • Make sure to explain or highlight the consequences if the behavior continues
  • Make sure to include a section for employees where they can write their point of view over the problem.

Final Thoughts:

The motive behind writing an employee write up form or employee disciplinary action form is to highlight the consistently poor performance or bad behavior which is impacting business productivity and efficiency. No business tolerates an unprofessional behavior & constant poor performance. There is a lot which is going on the shoulders of employees and if there is any employee who is not performing as per expectations then manager & employers make Employee write up forms to convey and explain the expectations from the employees with respect to productivity and changes in their behavior. This type of warning written letter is only given even when an employee is not improving after many verbal warnings.

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