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Letter of employment verification acts as a proof that a person is working in particular company/ organization. It is the responsibility of both employee and employer to give important to employment verification letter. This letter serves various purposes and acts as a proof of employment. All the details related to a job such as a position of a person in a company, how much they make, their work nature etc are included in this letter.

A company released this formal letter to confirm that a person is working. It also allows institutions or organization keep a check on person's work history. It's crucial for every business, whether it's big or small, to prepare a clear professional verification letter. We have various employment verification letter samples, examples, and templates. Check out the samples and forms from below to see how a professional letter of employment verification is written. Feel free to use any of these samples and templates.

Apart from employment letter of verification, we also have other important formal letter format samples then you might be interested in.

It's extremely important for every manager and executives to know how to write any good business letter. A business letter is an important part of every business, all the important communication takes place through a business letter only. An employment verification is part of a business letter, so check out the few tips from below to know how to write a proper verification letter.

  • Read some samples of verification letters, check out templates, understand the format and tone in which those samples are written. Take notes or reference from already written samples.
  •  It is the responsibility of a manager to write this letter on behalf of employees. An employee will reach you requesting you to write this letter. Make sure to write this letter by yourself, don't let employee write and then just sign off.
  • Be accurate and specific while writing this type of letter.
  • Make sure to write this letter in formal tone only. As this letter can be used by an employee to take a loan or apply for green card or apply for credit card. A properly formally written letter helps in a better transaction.
  • Ask the employee about the purpose and scope of this letter. It would be easier for you to craft a clear and professional communication if you know the purpose. Good communication makes a person stands out from the crowd. That's why it's crucial to understand the purpose and then write accordingly.

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Verification of Employment Letter Example

Employment Verification Letter Samples

Check out the samples shared below to see how an actual verification letter of employment is written. Take notes or reference from these samples. Nothing works better than a live example when it comes to learning.

What's Included in Employment Verification Letter?

An employment verification letter is a formal business letter which is released by the company for whom the person is working. This letter serves various purposes and usually used for legal transactions. While preparing this letter, you must add the following information;

  • Mention the date on which the letter was created,
  • Name and address of the business asking for the employment verification letter
  • Mention the name of the employee for whom this letter is made,
  • Name of the company where an employee works
  • Job or Position that employee holds in a company,
  • Mention the terms that an employee is currently bound to,
  • Mention the date on which employee has started working,
  • Make sure to add the contact details of the company such as email address and contact number. It's crucial to provide contact details so that contact can be made in case any other information is required.

Mention the monthly or annual salary of an employee, if required. If there are any other allowances that an employee is entitled to get, mention them as well.

Employment Verification Letter Templates

Why is Employment verification Letter Useful?

This letter serves multiple purposes, following are the areas where this letter can be used.

  • Required for getting a loan.
  • Required for getting Visa for selected countries.
  • Apply for a credit card.
  • Required for renting or leasing anything.

There are other transactions as well where this letter can help an individual. If you're working in any company or organization then make sure to get the employment verification letter.

Also, as an organization, you must be aware of your employee's work background in order to stay away from the frauds that are happening. A well-grounded verification letter enquires whether the employee possesses a stable background or not.

Do's & Don'ts of Employment Verification Letter

As an employee, there might be chances that you have to write your own verification letter. Let's accept the fact that there are lazy people who don't want to write these letter and they simply ask an employee to write and then sign off. If you're in this situation where you have a lazy boss who tasked you with writing your own employment verification letter. Then, make sure to write in a proper professional manner, check out the information shared above to know how to make an effective verification letter.

  • Leave your employee mindset away and start writing from the perspective of your boss. This means a letter should be accurate and professionally phrased.
  • Stay away from bragging about anything, just stick to the actual facts.
  • Mention all the important details such as how many hours you work every week, what are your duties, job title, what benefits you're getting along with salary, who your boss, what's the name of a company and other important information.
  • Make the closing of a letter with words such as “Best,” or “Sincerely.”
  • Include your boss’s contact information and let the recipient know they can call or email with any questions.

Make sure to give correct information, don't try to exaggerate anything, your manager may not sign if any information is inflated. Here is the sample that you can take reference from.


Now you know what is employment verification letter, what are the uses, and how to prepare one. Use the information shared above to have some understanding of this letter. Feel free to use any of the above-provided samples, examples, forms, and templates to make your own verification letter.

If you have any other query or question to ask related to this top then use the comment section. Keep on checking this site for more useful samples, example, and templates.

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