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A job acceptance letter is provided to an employer in response to the job that has been offered. If you have made a decision to accept a job that's been offered then it's important to write a professional acceptance letter to let an employer know how much professional and business etiquettes you have. It's crucial to write a proper job offer acceptance letter with correct format and layout. In case, if you are new to writing professional letters then it is advised to take a reference from the samples, templates shared below.

When it comes to writing a job acceptance letter or job acceptance email, there is a certain format that must be followed. There are few key components that should be there to make a letter professional. The structure of the job offer acceptance letter is also important.

Who writes Job Acceptance letter?

An acceptance letter is often written by an employee to the company, agreeing that they have accepted to assume a particular role in the company. Before proceeding to write, make sure to understand the correct format and layout. You must include all the important information by keeping a letter to the point and as brief as possible. Take reference from the online Job Acceptance letter templates to write your own acceptance letter.

Make sure to keep the letter as brief as possible by including the following elements;

  • Thank you and appreciation for the opportunity
  • Written acceptance of the job offer
  • The terms and conditions of employment (salary, benefits, job title, etc.)
  • Starting date of employment

You can either sent a letter by mail or email. If you are sending an email then make sure to put your name in the subject (Your Name - Job Offer Acceptance). Acceptance letters with Name in the subject line are most likely to be opened and read.

If you're sending a letter through the mail, then make sure send it as a business letter. Include your contact information and phone number. Also, make sure to address the letter to the person who offered you the position.

Job Offer Acceptance Letter Sample

Subject line: {Name} - Job Offer Acceptance

Dear {Name},

As we have discussed on the phone yesterday about the {Job Position} at {Company's Name}. I am very pleased to formally accept this job offer. Thank you for the opportunity. I am looking forward to work with the entire management team at {Company's Name}. I am eager to be a part of {Company's Name} and make my positive contribution to the company.

As we discussed, my starting salary will be $38,000 and health and life insurance benefits will be provided after 30 days of employment.

I look forward to starting working on {mention date}. If there are any other formalities or additional information required, then please let me know. I'm always available on email, but feel free to call if that's more convenient {phone number}.

Again, thank you for this opportunity.



Job Acceptance Letter Templates

Tips to write Acceptance Letter for Job Offer

Brief and Concise: Letter should be short and concise. There is no point in writing a long letter. A person who is offering you a job must be busy in business activities, so make sure to write a letter as brief as possible without missing any important information.

Correct Format: One thing that should be taken into consideration while writing any professional letter is the Format. A job acceptance letter allows you to demonstrate your professionalism so make sure to use the correct format.

Formal Tone: This is the most important tip, make sure to use the formal tone. Your words can either make a good impression or completely destroy your chance of selection. Your writing tone should be formal only.

Express your gratitude: It's an opportunity to express your gratitude for being selected for a particular position, as well as your enthusiasm for taking on the new role. Keep it formal and polite.

Cross Check: It's a rule to read or check the letter properly before sending. You don't want a silly mistake to ruin your chances of getting a job, so make sure to check a letter.


Now you know how to write a proper job acceptance letter. We hope you like the information, if yes, then please share with other people as well on social media platforms. Feel free to download and use any of the templates and samples shared above. Keep checking this site for more useful templates.

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