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Meeting Minutes & Meeting Notes: Meetings are part of every business. There are two important aspects of meeting that are needed to be taken care of. First one is the Meeting Agenda and the second is Meeting Minutes. We’ve already talked about Meetings Agenda in details, let’s discuss what meeting minute is, how to take them, and why they are important.

What are the Meeting Minutes?

A lot of ideas are discussed during the meeting which could help in solving a particular problem. Meeting Minutes are a written record of proceedings. Meeting Minute provides a clear summary of the important things that were discussed during the meeting. It’s important to take meeting minutes in order to know or remember what has been discussed. It will also be good to keep a record for those who are not able to attend the meeting due to any possible reason.

Many people refrain from taking meeting minutes, but it’s actually very important to take notes in order to keep meetings on track. Meeting minutes can serve as an evidence in a given agreement.

Who takes Meeting Minutes?

Usually, it’s the responsibility of the secretary to take notes during every meeting and make a proper meeting minute. Taking meeting minute is helpful whether it is an official meeting or an informal one. The meeting minutes of the previous meeting can be read during the current meeting in order to understand the improvement that has been meeting after the previous meeting.

The secretary is in charge to record the meeting minutes during each minute and these minutes are added to the organization’s Minute binder after each meeting.

Download Meeting Minutes Templates

The purpose of making a meeting minute is to record the important decisions, discussion, action plan, and other important views of the attendees during the meeting. Below you can find a few useful Meeting Minutes Templates with which you can easily create a professional meeting minute. All you need to do is enter the data or information in a template and that’s it. Find a variety of meeting minutes templates below available in formats like word, excel, pdf etc. A meeting minute helps an organization review the impact of the previous meeting easily. Feel free to download & use any of these meeting minutes templates.

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How to Take Meeting Minutes?

Here you will learn how to take productive meeting minute. If you have the responsibility of making a meeting minutes then here is what you need to do. Firstly, you need to understand the objective of the meeting i.e. whether a meeting is organized to discuss the policy decisions or to simply assign the work to staff members. As you are aware of that meeting minutes are a record of motions that were passed & discussed in a meeting. Read the following points to make a proper professional meeting minute.

  • Choose a Template: Firstly, choose a template depending on the type of meeting i.e. formal meeting, informal meeting etc. Pick a correct template as per your requirement.
  • Attendance: Record the attendance of members as they arrive. It’s better to complete the attendance recording before the meeting starts. Also, note the members which are not present.
  • Record the Decisions: Record all the important approved as well as non-approved decisions. A decision must be recorded clearly before the meeting moves on to a new agenda.
  • Record the Important Information: No need to record every detail or information. But make sure to capture the essential information including decisions that were made as well as assignments and action items. Keep a document concise and to the point. Avoid writing a lengthy document. Use formal language only to keep the professionalism.

These are the few things you need to keep into consideration while preparing a meeting minutes. Read the next sections to get more familiar with the meeting minutes.

Few Things to Keep into Consideration while Preparing Meeting Minute

Here are a few things that one should keep in mind while preparing a meeting minutes.

  • Write whatever important comes out. Avoid writing lengthy descriptions which are hard to read. Make minutes easy to read, concise, and engaging. Write in such a clear manner that even a non-attendee will be able to understand what’s discussed in the meeting.
  • Keep the professional in writing. Avoid using emoticons or any informal words.
  • Use a laptop or tablet to write. If you prefer handwritten document then you can use either a pencil or pen. It’s better to use a pencil than a pen.
  • Having a correct template is useful. The good writing will go waste if there is no structure. Try to improve your template for every meeting.

How to Choose Correct Meeting Minute Template?

A template matter a lot when it comes to making a meeting minutes. As said before that a correctly written information will be a waste if there is no proper format or structure. Choose your template in such a way that they provide maximum benefits, some of them are presented below:

  • All the important ideas, presentation, discussion, and views of the attendees should be captured.
  • The useful information of the meeting should be recorded.
  • All the action plans should be recorded and persons responsible for working on them.
  • The name of the attendees must be recorded.
  • The previous meeting minutes should be reviewed along with the progress of the action plan.
  • The objections made by the attendees towards any decision must be recorded.

Final Thoughts:

Meeting Minutes & Meeting Notes should be prepared after each meeting to get a clear record of what’s been discussed. Use the templates, samples, and examples shared here to make your own meeting minutes.

Keep checking Template Part for more useful templates in other categories, format, and layout.

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