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Payment Receipt Template: As a business owner or service provider or as a customer you must be familiar with the payment receipt. Receipts are used to record the business to customer and business to business transactions. There are different types of receipts which are used for different purposes. Through this page, we’re talking about payment receipts only. Payment receipts are generated by the business or service provider and given to the customer in order to legalize the money paid by the customer in return of the services. Payment receipts are important to both a seller and a buyer. As a service provider, you must generate a proper payment receipt in order to avoid any sort of money related to legal matters.

Use payment receipt templates if you are looking to make your own format of receipt. Choose any format from the below-provided templates and then make changes, if required. Download the ones you like, customize in MS Word, take prints and start using them!

What is a Payment Receipt?

A payment receipt is a slip which is generated by the business or service provider in return of the payment made by the customer or client. The information such as the transaction date, transaction amount, business information, customer information, mode of payment, etc is included in a payment receipt.

As a customer, you should always ask for an official payment receipt in order to legalize the transaction. It is the responsibility of a business owner to provide a payment receipt in a correct format whenever the customer or client has paid the money in return of the services provided.

A payment receipt act as proof that a monetary transaction took place between two parties and both the parties have established an understanding with regards to the payment. Usually, business owners who provide services and products make use of payment receipt.

What’s Included in a Payment Receipt?

The format of payment receipts varies from business to business. Every business has its own format, but there are few things which must be included in every payment receipt. Refer to the templates shared here to make a receipt easily. If you want to create a receipt by yourself in MS Word or any other software then make sure to include the following information.

  • transaction date
  • transaction amount
  • payment receipt number
  • customer information
  • business information
  • mode of payment
  • products/ services details which are provided
  • customer and business owner signature.

Download Sample Payment Receipt Template Word

Here are a few different payment receipt templates to help you and your business accomplish all that you need to get done.

Free Payment Receipt, Payment Receipt Template, Printable Payment Receipt



Free Payment Receipt Format Template PDF

Free Payment Receipt, Payment Receipt Template, Printable Payment Receipt

Download Free Payment Receipt in .doc format



Secure the transaction between a seller and a buyer with a payment receipt. A payment receipt is a small piece of paper which legalizes the entire transaction which takes place between a seller and a buyer. Seller or service provider uses the receipt to track down the transaction by using the information that is reflected in the receipt.

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