Free Receipt Template (Rent, Cash, Donation, Sales)

A receipt is basically a written document which contains all the information about the service, products or goods that you have brought along with the respective price. A receipt is a written proof of payment that is given by the seller to the customer after the payment is being made. As a consumer, you have all the rights to receive a proper official receipt from the seller upon the purchase of any product or goods. There are many types of receipts.

Types of Receipt Templates available here;

  • Rent Receipt
  • Cash Receipt
  • Donation Receipt
  • Sales Receipt
  • Payment Receipt
  • Deposit Receipt Template
  • Taxi Receipt Template
  • Hotel Receipt Template

Each receipt template is different from the other and used for the completely different purpose. However, the sole purpose remains the same. For an instance, a Sales receipt will contain information about the seller and a buyer of a particular item, the item that has been sold, the selling date, sold amount, mode of payment etc. A receipt number must be there. The signature of both the buyer and seller should be there on the receipt.

This page is loaded with all the above-mentioned receipt templates. If you need any of the mentioned templates then scroll down below and find the best one for you. Three formats are available here i.e. Word .doc, Excel .xls, and PDF .pdf. Feel free to download any template and customize as per your need or requirement.

Free Receipt Template

Blank Receipt Template Word

One can easily make a receipt using MS word normal programming platform, but the making takes time, efforts, plus you must have a little bit of understanding of MS Word, plus you should know the correct format. A receipt is meant for recording the transaction that takes place between a seller and buyer, so the format has to be correct. A well-made receipt is beneficial for both the parties i.e. seller and buyer in order to stay away from any legal issues or problems.

Receipt Template Excel

Rent Receipt Template

A Rent document is signed by the landlord and tenant and the rent receipt is given by the landlord to the tenant as a proof of the rent that is paid for a particular property. A rent receipt should have the following information;

  • Rented property information
  • Amount of Rent paid.
  • Payment Date
  • Mode of Payment.
  • Contact Details of the tenant
  • Contact details of the Landlord.
  • Signature of both the parties.

Cash Receipt Template

A cash receipt is generally prepared after every sales transaction. All the important details of a particular transaction such as amount paid, product purchased etc are drafted on the cash receipt. A cash receipt acts as a proof that a particular amount of payment is made by the buyer to purchase a particular product. A buyer should keep this receipt safe for record purposes.

Cash Receipt Includes;

  • Name of both the parties i.e. seller business and customer’s name
  • Date of transaction
  • The total amount that is paid.
  • A brief description of the product, goods or services purchased.


Donation Receipt Template

Extremely for charitable and non-profit making organizations who need to keep a record of the donations they have received.

Tips To Make a Proper Receipt

Doesn’t matter what type of receipt you’re making, the sole purpose remains the same i.e. legally record the transaction between the seller and buyer. However, multiple receipt templates are shared here which are prepared by professional. But still, when it comes to making a receipt, one should always keep these points into consideration. Here are few tips;

  • Use the entire space of the receipt in a proper manner.
  • Important information about the transaction such as the product, amount of payment, payment mode etc must be written correctly and properly.
  • The signatures of both the parties i.e. Seller and Buyer should be there.
  • A watermark should also be there.
  • Make sure that the text is readable and legible.
  • Put the important information in bold.
  • Both parties should be aware of the information that is being put on the receipt.

Not sure how to make a receipt? No need to worry as we have a huge collection to choose from, choose the one that would be suitable for your business. All the templates are prepared by professionals and thus help you come up with the most professional looking receipt document.

Sales Receipt Template

A sales receipt is one of the most important documents that is made upon the sale of any particular products or goods. This receipt acts as a proof of a transaction that has done with a certain business. Feel free to download the sales receipt template from below to make a sales receipt for your business.

Hotel Receipt Template

If you’ve ever been to a hotel and paid the bill then you did receive a receipt with records of payment that you’ve made in exchange for the services that the hotel has provided. If you’re running a hotel or managing the accounts department of the hotel then you should understand the importance of hotel receipt template, access printable receipt templates from here for free.

Taxi Receipt Template

You must have a proper taxi receipt if you’re in traveling business. Keep the proper record of the business with taxi receipts. These templates allow users to create a taxi receipt in less duration of time.


Deposit Receipt Template

A business document that is used to record the receipt of an earnest amount for the purchase of an item or property in a private sale.

A deposit receipt should contain,

  • Contact details for both buyer and the seller.
  • Amount of Money that is paid.
  • Signature of both the parties.
  • Date

This page is loaded with many templates with proper format and layout. So if you have a template at your hand then no need to worry about the format, just make changes as per your requirement and you’re good to go. One can easily different fonts and styles

A receipt is one of the most important records that must be prepared properly to legally record the transaction that takes place between a seller and a buyer. Making a receipt is one way to ensure that the transaction is legal and as per the rules and regulations. Different countries have different laws when it comes to buying and selling. Make sure you’re making a receipt keeping the law & order of your country into consideration.

This site offers multiple free receipt templates available in various categories, formats, and layout. All the templates are downloadable and editable. Feel free to download any template that you find more appropriate as per your requirement. You can make use of these receipt templates to make your own receipt easily in no matter of time with fewer efforts.

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