Resignation Letter Sample & Two Week Notice Templates Examples

A Resignation Letter Sample is required whenever an employee quits or leave a job. It’s the responsibility of an employee to provide an employer with a formal resignation letter. This letter is meant to announce that an employee is resigning from a particular position and will no longer be a part of particular business or organization. As a professional working person, you will surely find yourself in a situation where you need to write this letter. This letter is a way of maintaining a goodwill or relation with your employer by informing him/ her that you’re quitting the job, make sure to write a solid reason as well. A resignation letter may offer a few week periods before you get relieved of your duties. Also, write & send this letter to your employer at least two weeks before so that they can find your replacement.

Are you looking for resignation letter sample? If yes, then here are some of the professionally created resignation letter examples that you don’t want to miss out. Use these letter samples to leave your job, retirement letters, giving two or more weeks notice, short notice, no notice, and a letter announcing a new job. In whatever situation or circumstance you’re in, these letter samples will surely be helpful and help you craft a polite and appropriate resignation letter. 

What is Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a formal letter which is written by an employee to let an employer know that he/she is resigning from a job due to a particular reason. A resignation letter is one of the most important formal letters which is crafted to announce the resignation from a particular position. When you resign, you usually need to tell your employer the last date you’ll be coming in to work. This is called “giving notice”. An employee has to write a resignation letter before leaving any job.

What to Include in a Resignation Letter?

  • Firstly mention the reason behind the resignation, ignore if the reason is volatile in nature. Make sure to be as much polite as possible, even though you have got the worst reasons. Keep your writing tone formal.
  • Give a time period i.e. maybe two weeks to let company respond or to find your replacement.
  • Make sure to be positive while writing this letter. Include the positive experience you have gotten from the working time with the company.
  • Also, show your interest in transferring your job responsibilities in an appropriate manner. If possible then help company finding your replacement.
  • Always, be thankful for the opportunity that a particular company has given you. Tel how grateful you are to your employer.

This is how a resignation letter looks like;

Resignation Letter Sample, Sample Resignation Letter, Resignation Letter Template, Letter of Resignation

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Free Resignation Letter Sample & Templates

Resignation Letter Sample, Sample Resignation Letter, Resignation Letter Template, Letter of Resignation

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How to Write a Resignation Letter?

Here are few tips that you must take into consideration while writing a resignation letter.

Give Time Notice: In the first lines make it very clear that you’re resigning from a job by the end of a particular time period. If possible, then give at least two weeks notice period before resigning from your job. Mention the date on which you’re planning to leave the company. It helps an employer to find your replacement, make sure to state the leaving date early in the letter. If you’re a senior person who is in the top management then give a longer time period to ensure the stability of the company & its operations.

Avoid Stating the Reasons: An employer would be very interested in knowing the reason. Don’t state a reason if it’s volatile in nature. In case you are asked to give your reasons you can then proceed to highlight some of them. Your colleagues are going to ask you for the reason so you better be ready with the answer.

Be Formal & Friendly: Try to be as much formal as possible. Maintain a professional formal writing tone throughout even though you have a stiff or cold attitude towards the company. If you have a personal relationship with an employer then you can try to be friendly but don’t lose the sense of formality. Let an employer know how much do you appreciate your time with the company. If your relationship was sore with your employer or company then keep it brief & say Thanks, that’s it. You should be grateful even if your experience in the company has mostly had negative experiences.

Maintain Good Relations & Offer to help: This is the last letter between you and the company so there is no point in ruining the relations. A positive tone should be set in your letter and if possible, offer the employer assistance in finding & training the replacement. It’s totally up to you how generous you want to be.

Offer Post Resignation Support: Your resignation is going to affect the company’s workflow so make sure to offer your support in making the transition smooth during the two week notice period. Also, offer post-resignation support in case an employer need it.

Crosscheck or Proofread before you send: Make sure to check the letter once before sending it. Look for the mistakes and correct them. Make sure everything is written properly in a formal professional tone only. You should send this letter to your employer, as well as Human Resources so that they have the letter on file.

What is the format of Resignation Letter?

  • Type date in the upper left corner according to the standard formal letter i.e. MM-DD-YYYY format. Write the date and the year in numerals, but spell the month.
  • Next, write the recipient’s address, if you’re using the company’s letterhead then you can skip the recipient’s address. Make sure to skip one line between date & address.
  • Skip one line after the address and then write the salutation. If you want to address a specific person then write down their name. Make sure to use the correct & respectable salutation, avoid using the vague salutation.
  • Skip a line and then start writing the main body of the letter. Separate paragraphs with a single line and make sure to keep the length of the letter less than one page.
  • Now comes the closing part, leave a good or positive sincere tone here to close the letter in a good way. Use phrases such as ‘Wish you or company more success’.
  • In the end, make sure to type and sign your name. You name should be in full names, your sign should be between the closing remark and the typed full name.

Final Thoughts

If you have decided to quit or leave your job then make sure to write a proper resignation letter with a valid reason for leaving the job. There is no point in ruining a relationship with an employer, if you’ve decided to move forward in life with a new job or anything else then make sure to write a resignation letter or two-week notice letter to announce your resignation from a particular position.

Use the sample, examples, and information shared here as a reference to make your own resignation letter. The purpose of sharing these templates, examples is to let users know how to write a resignation letter or what is the right format of writing this letter. Hopefully, the information is useful.

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