Sample Termination Letter For Poor Performance

Termination Letter For Poor Performance: As an employer or managing body of the organization, you may find yourself in a situation where an employee or worker is not performing his/ her job nicely. The constant poor performance from an employee is one of the reasons behind writing a termination letter. However, there could be other reasons as well. If there is someone in your organization who is nor keeping up with the demand of work then simply write a warning letter first. If performance doesn't improve even after that then you may choose to terminate an employee for poor performance.

Termination is one of the hardest decision which you need to take sometimes for the betterment of your company or organization. This is not a praise worthy thing, an employee is not going to like it. This is why it's important to write a proper termination letter in order to make things smooth going. 

In most of the termination cases, it's recommended to tell the employee about the termination during an in-person meeting and then send a formal termination letter.

Before sending this letter, make sure you have the correct information and documents which are required to fire the employee. In short, you must have a proof that an employee is performing bad consistently. You need documents and information to backup your decision.

Sample Letter of Termination for Poor Performance Word

Refer to the following samples and templates for writing a termination letter for poor performance.

Sub: Termination Letter due to poor performance

Dear Mr. Aditya Sharma,

This letter confirms your dismissal from the Kollinwood Technologies for poor performance and absents, effective immediately.

We are regretful to inform you about the dismissal. After checking your work performance from the last six months, the company have come to the conclusion to terminate all of your services due to the lack of efficient performance shown by you.

Apart from the performance, you are consistently absent as well which leads to less productivity at work. We have been consistently monitoring your actions and even after a series of in-person meetings, there are no trace of improvements. The company is incurring loses which is why we have decided terminate your services with this company, effective immediately.

Thanking you,

Subhash Gupta

Sample Termination Letter for Poor Performance PDF

Termination Letter For Poor Performance, Sample Termination Letter For Poor Performance

Tips for Writing Termination Letter For Poor Performance

Writing such letter is not an easy task. You need to extra cautious while writing because your words are going to make a deeper impact here. This is why it's advised to read the information below to learn how to write a termination letter for poor performance.

  • Make sure to use the formal language only. There is no scope for writing any informal words.
  • Mention the reason behind the termination. An employee has all the rights to know why he/ she is getting dismissed.
  • Stay away from using any harsh or abusive words. Choose only formal words while writing. It's important to make the whole process formal and professional.
  • You should always try to make the process easier, so it's a better idea to write some positive words to conclude your letter.
  • Mention the date of the termination.

Download sample letter and templates from here and then edit or make changes in them as per your situation. Keep checking this site for more such useful termination letters and templates.

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