Free Storyboard Template, Examples in PDF Word (Video, Animation)

What is a Storyboard?

A storyboard is usually created for digital stories such as demo videos, training videos, sales video, or any other online video. A proper planning is required before creating any piece of video content. A storyboard is a written or graphical representation of how a video is going to unfold, shot by shot. A storyboard is made up of a number of squares which contains directions, dialogues, pictures representing each shot. All the useful information such as what’s going on in a particular scene, how a certain character is going to behave etc is included to give an idea of what to do.

A preparation is required before shooting any video. There is no rule of making a storyboard, but as a creative person you always want to bring out the best out of each shot and that’s why it’s important to create a storyboard first to give your thoughts a graphical representation. It’s easier to shoot a video when you have a proper storyboard at a place.

This is how a Storyboard Template looks like;

Storyboard Template, Storyboard Examples

Click Here to Download a Storyboard Sample in .doc format

Why do you need a Storyboard?

Now the question comes what is the need for a storyboard when you can simply shot a video. Why would anybody spend some time in creating a storyboard? Many would consider storyboard a waster of time or may an extra step, but that’s not the case. Creating a storyboard is something which you won’t want to ignore. Below you can find strong reasons for creating a storyboard;

Give Your Thoughts a Life

A storyboard gives life to all your thoughts & creative ideas. You might be having a lot of things in your head related to a particular project. A storyboard let you convert your thoughts & ideas into a reality in the form of written or graphical representation. It’s easier to explain your vision for video in the form of some visual aid.

A storyboard is actually your entire video. A storyboard will tell how a video is going to unfold and how it will look like. That’s why people will be able to understand your vision in a much better way. So, create a storyboard to let people know about your vision for a video.

Time Saver

It will take you some time to create a storyboard but it’s worth the time. You will save a lot of time while actually filming a final video. Having a storyboard at place let you know what you need to do and what not to. So you will definitely save a lot of time in the revision process.

Plus, it will make the entire filming process smooth as everyone already knows what their job is and what is required of them.

Makes Production Easier

The job of production will be easier as now they know how much scenes are there in video and what is required for each scene. The process of filming goes really smooth when you know how visuals will interact with the script.

A storyboard comes in handy when you’re making a video, as it ensures you won’t forget any scenes and helps you piece together the video according to your vision.

How to Create a Storyboard?

Now you know what a storyboard is and why do you need it, so let’s create it to get the work done.

Step 1: Create Blank Squares

The first step to make or create blank squares. The number of squares depends on the length of script or scenes. Make sure to use a good quality of a paper. These square acts as a video frame. Put your scene or shot in a square. You can either sketch a scene or create on a computer. Make squares large enough to write notes related to the scenes.

Step 2: Add Script

This is one of the most important steps where you need to write the lines from your script in a way so that a reader can get a sense of what will happen in your video.

Step 3: Make Sketches

It’s time to make a sketch to give a life to your scene. You don’t have to go in deep, just provide visual details to give an impression of what is happening, what scene it is, how characters are going to behave, what is required from a particular scene etc. The script and notes will help fill in the rest of the details.

Further, you can add details about the positioning of characters, camera angles, and movement, how transitions are going to take place etc. A storyboard comes in handy during production and post-production.

Download Storyboard Template

You must be having a lot of work to do from writing a script to filming it, so here we have some free storyboard templates which you can download to save some time in creating a storyboard.

Blank Storyboard Examples

Final Thoughts:

A storyboard is an important asset of video making if used properly. A good story will be a waste when there is a lack of preparation while filming it. Give a proper justice to your thoughts & ideas by making a storyboard first and then shoot a video. Now you know what is a storyboard, why do you need it, and how to create it. So, take your pen or pencil and start working.

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